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Start building wealth by owning a Short Stay for as little as $500.

Join the community that leverages a team of experts to generate wealth through passive income.

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Recessions don’t stop vacations.

People still need a break from life during economic downturns, so why not benefit?

Short-term rentals are the highest-yielding asset class in real estate. They generate 2-3x more cash flow on average than traditional long-term and commercial properties. Our communities acquire properties located in stable, higher-appreciation, and higher cash-flowing markets to deliver strong wealth creation.

Short-stay rentals have been around “forever.” The industry transitioned from classified ads in The New York Times and Craigslist to rudimentary websites, the momentous Airbnb IPO of December 10, 2020 — and a full-blown industry that disrupted hotels and traditional hospitality models. Over the last several economic downturns, this industry has continued to grow, showing that spending shifts but not away from domestic travel.

Every asset comes with Short Stay’s turn-key management experience. Our investors are welcome to be free of stressful and time-consuming decision-making, maintenance, and responsibilities. We use modern tools to communicate, exchange knowledge and expertise, discuss voting, and connect all investors.