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Short-term rental investing for everyone.

Join our community and directly invest in homes to earn passive income.

—Short Stays takes care of the rest.

We’re on a mission to increase access to owning and generating passive income from real estate.

We believe that pooling resources lowers the high barriers to owning real estate. No huge down payments, no hiring vendors, and no managing everything yourself.

Short Stays simplifies the messy process into three steps to easily invest directly in Airbnb homes. Direct access and lower fees to the same type of places you, your friends, and your family love to book.

Invest in short-term rentals, the highest-yeilding asset class in real estate.

You review an opportunity and are ready to invest:


It’s an incredible waterfront home close to a major city.


The average annual return is:

Calculation based on 2021 nationwide Zillow rental & AirDNA vacation rental data.


Your annual gross passive income is:


+ Property Value Appreciation and other benefits.


and the most important highlight…

Completely Turn-Key Experience

The Short Stays team built a white glove, end-to-end investment experience for every property acquired. All investors are removed from stressful and time-consuming decision-making, maintenance, and responsibilities.

Building Communities through Collaboration

We use and build modern tools to communicate, exchange knowledge and expertise, discuss voting, and connect all investors.

Transparency for a Common Goal

Building wealth, our shared goal, requires resources and trust — therefore, to achieve confidence, we champion clear communication, visibility, and execution.